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Sci-Fi/Drama | 15 min | Norway 


Production company: Zarepta Film Production AS

Starring: Olaf Heggdal, Julian Hærem Aksnes, Beate Rostin

Official selection at 14 film festivals worldwide, including​ the BAFTA-qualifying Encounters Short Film Festival and the renowned Trieste Science+Fiction Festival. Winner of the bronze medal at Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festivalin Seattle, hosted by the Museum of Pop Culture. Distributed to festivals by the Norwegian Film Institute.

Supported by Vestnorsk Filmsenter and Arts Council Norway - the Audio and Visual Fund.

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"[...] this is an extremely well executed film that evokes a lot of emotions in a thoughtful way."

- BitPix TV News

"[...] the particularly disturbing The Restrictor by Jade Hærem Aksnes, 

where happiness is rationed and those who overuse face the consequences…“

- Encounters Short Film Festival

"[...] a great and chilling film…“

- Norwescon Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention

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